Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update from the Depths

I realize it has been quite some time since I posted. Every time I say I'm going to do better, but I never do. With the emergence of Facebook, I find myself using it to keep everyone abreast of the kids, PJ, and myself. But, I do realize not all of you are on Facebook, so, again, I will make the promise to TRY to do better! It has been a rather slow summer. We've had a few events here and there, but nothing major happen. July 3rd, PJ and I went on our first date in 9 months, so that was nice We went out with PJ's brother Tim and his wife Briana. We had a great time. After dinner we went to see Transformers "Prive" style at the Monaco. That was nice, albet a bit frustrating because of our noisy and annoying neighbors (LONG story), but I definitely can't wait to use the free passes we aquired as a result to see Harry Potter :) Then we spent the night with my precious In-Laws, and then went with them to their church picnic on the 4th. We came back to their house and hung out for a while until Bridge Street's fireworks that evening. I posted pictures on my Photolog. Then last week JRay had golf camp, which went very well. He is doing well at his new sport, and enjoying it greatly! Now if we could just get the grass cut so he can practice! (we still don't have a lawnmower! My brother offered to let us use his push mower, but there's just no way that PJ can come home after working 10 hours in this extreme heat and push mow nearly an acre! That's just wrong! Especially with his blood pressure!, and I CAN'T do it. If I could I'd strap Nate on my back and have at it!).

PJ is hard at work with his new job, hoping to get hired on full time soon, as we REALLY need the insurance. My neuropathy and gastroparesis have been acting up quite a bit. And to be honest, I LOATHE the free clinic. I hate to risk sounding ungrateful for free medical care. It's good to know that I can finally get the meds I need to stay alive, but it's really a situation of I'd rather die sometimes than to have to step foot in that place. It's horrible there. They treat you like a 2nd class, no, 3rd class citizen because you can't afford to pay for the meds you need to stay alive for a disease you didn't ask for and didn't do anything to cause it's occurrence. It's the hand we've been dealt, along with millions of other Americans at this point in time. We are hard working people who don't ask for handouts, just hands up to get back on our feet. PJ is busting his rear, coming in every day with his feet and knees killing him, to prove his worth at this new job. Thing is, he never stops working like that, even after his worth has been proven. Ok-sorry. I'm going off on a tangent now!

PJ is doing as well as to be expected. As stated above, his feet and knees are really starting to hurt with this new job. His knees have arthritis in them from those years of jumping out of airplanes for Uncle Sam. His blood pressure is out of control, and the Free Clinic won't touch him because he's a veteran, but he can't get down to the VA office to apply for benefits because of work, and it's an ALL DAY AFFAIR. He has tried twice already when he was unemployed, only to be turned away at the end of the day because they didn't have time to get to him. Wow, such respect for our Veterans in this country! So please, keep him in your prayers. I worry every day that he leaves for work that I"ll receive a phone call that he's had a stroke or heart attack! I almost lost him once, the same day I lost Momma. I can't go through that again!

The boys are great. JRay is enjoying summer vacation, but I think he's getting ready for school to start back. It's been so hot the boys mostly play indoors, which is fun to watch, but can get loud at times and have me begging God for mercy (and naps!). It's a beautiful site though, and I wouldn't trade it! I love that my boys get along so well! They are so in love with one another! It's beautiful!

JRay is getting into golf. He's doing rather well. His dad had been teaching him some, then he went to camp at Quail Creek Golf Resort. It was totally Christian based, and we LOVED it. Thursday night we had family night, and got to see him show off his new skills :) I do believe we have the next Master's champ on our hands ;o) I'll post pictures on my Photolog when I get done with this post. He has been unmedicated for most of the summer, and seems to be handling it VERY well actually. I may talk to the doctor at this end of this month about doing a trial without it at school, and see if it's possible to come off it. We've tried once before, but undoubtedly had to go back on it. I hate having him medicated :( He is such a joy to my life :) Always available with sweet hug and word of encouragement. God has big plans for this boy. He has reassured me of this since JRay was very young.

Nate is growing like a week, talking like a news anchor, and getting into EVERYTHING! Quite the busy toddler he is, and without a doubt a very strong willed child! It was bound to happen with PJ and myself creating offspring! LOL He is such a joy, though. Always available for a laugh, or a hug and kiss. And He has begun saying "Love You", which always melts my heart :) He wants to do EVERYTHING his Bubby is doing! The first thing he does when I let him out of his room in the morning is head to Bubby's room and scream "BUBBY!!!!". Then of course he climbs on Bubby's bed and jumps on him :) Ahhhh, brotherly love! It's amazing how much he has changed and grown in 2 short years! And I know the next 16 will fly by as well!

Momma has been gone for 1 year and 2 months today. It's so hard to believe so much time has gone by already. I can still smell her, and hear her sweet voice. I miss her so much, but as promised by many, time has begun the healing. I know I doubted that would happen, but I can say the healing has begun. It still hurts, and I still get a lump in my throat when I think about her, and I still think about her ALL the time. But mostly now I get a smile when I think about and talk about her. I can remember the beautiful memories with a smile and a tear, and I can remember the "bad" ones with a chuckle and a smile and a tear. I know that Heaven is so much richer to have her, but life on earth seems so empty without her. I see so many of her tendencies in Nate the older he gets. He is a lefty like his Nana (none of the other kids or grandkids inherited this) and that just makes me smile. Go figure the one who will never know or remember her gets that one odd trait. Every time I watch him eat or write/color, I just think of her and smile :) He has her stubborn will (which of course came through me ROFL), and I often catch him looking at her picture on the wall as if he knows her. JRay brings her up occasionally, and I can tell he misses her too.

All in all, life is well here. A few bumps in the road, but nothing to derail us. Keep us in your prayers, as we keep all of you in ours. Love you all!

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