Saturday, December 19, 2009


So, it has come to my attention that certain people in our lives aren't happy with our decision to homeschool JRay. I'm going to be blunt here... so put your big boy/girl pants/panties on, ok?

This is OUR decision. Just like it was our decision to get married, and it was our decision to have a baby. It has always been OUR decision. We've always dealt with the ridicule from certain people in our lives that we have never been able to "please" with our decisions. It seems that for some people, no matter what we do, you just don't approve. I'm sorry to be such a disappointment to you. But, I am very proud of my marriage, my children, and I know that I will be proud of my decision to homeschool. I want to educate my son in a Christian environment where I am in control of what he learns, and how he learns it. The school system is failing him DRASTICALLY. My very intelligent, "A" student is bringing home C's and D's in his best subjects. And then I get notes from the teacher saying that ALL of her "A" students are doing the same. Yet, she refuses to acknowledge the obvious. If ALL of your "A" students are doing poorly, it's quite obvious you're doing a poor job of teaching them. I am confident in my abilities to be a good teacher to my children. Just as I was confident in my abilities to be a good wife to my husband (the one who LOVES me and WANTED to marry me-even when my own family chose to make it clear they did not approve), to be a good mother to the children I chose to bear (even though my family was clear that they didn't think I should have more children because of things they knew very little of the truth about), and continue to be a good daughter and sister to those who continue to make it clear that I disappoint them. I love you all, but this is OUR decision. Not yours. You can choose to trust me, and support us, or you may continue to not trust me AGAIN, and allow me to prove you wrong AGAIN. It's up to you. I really hope that you'll choose to learn from your past mistakes of not trusting me and my ability to make the best decisions for my family.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor?

God's really dealing with me on some things, so I thought I would click it away here and talk about it with my friends :) 1 John 4:7 says "Dear friends, let us love one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God" (HCSB). So how far does love take us? Can we love someone, and even forgive them, without allowing them to be a part of our lives? If that someone has time and time again intentionally hurt us or wronged us, do we have to continue subjecting ourselves to such harshness in the name of love? Isn't it possible to love one another without liking one another?

James 4:6-"But He gives greater grace. Therefore He says: God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (HCSB). So if He resists those who are proud (which is a source of causing pain to others), shouldn't we be allowed to? Can we not love them while avoiding them? I know we should trust in God, and His magnificent grace, to overcome the pain that they cause, but should we continually be forced to expose ourselves to their hurtful words and ways? Especially when they are completely unapologetic of the pain they cause us, and basically refuse to accept that they have been hurtful to us?

So, tell me what you think? I mean, don't give me "Christ suffered for you" or "His grace is sufficient". I want to know what the Bible says about taking ourselves out of hurtful situations. Choosing not to have someone in your life doesn't mean you don't love them. Maybe it does mean you don't forgive them, but when you forgive them time and time again for the same thing, do you have to continue subjecting yourself to the pain? ESPECIALLY when those people are supposed to be brothers and sisters in Christ?

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