Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pain and Stress

So, life is just ok right now. I mean, it could be worse, so I honestly feel bad complaining. But the pain in my back in neck is growing worse and worse every day. I really need to go to the doc before it's too late, because I think I've got a case of untreated whiplash. I just hate to go, and not having a car makes it hard to find a way there. I had an appointment for Tues, but cancelled because PJ couldnt' get home from work in time for me to take the Nova, which I'm terrified to drive! Stupid I know, but it's so big, and so "classic" that it just scares me! And mom had a doc appointment at the same time, so borrowing her car was out. I'm SO SICK of waiting on this guy's insurance. He has to knwo the accident was his fault. I mean, I was in the dang turn lane, not moving. I was about to merge into southbound traffic, and he was facing north in southbound traffic when we hit!!!!! I need a car dangit! And he didn't even take damage to his car, which was a company car to begin with! And Goodyear owned at that! Makes me lose all respect for Goodyear. I'll never own another Goodyear tire, and I"ll make it my life's mission to tell everyone I know to neve ruse Goodyear tires. Like they can't afford to fork out $2000 to buy me a new car, or to attempt to fix mine. I honestly think it's going to cost more to fix mine than the car is worth. They're lucky I'm not a sue happy kind of person. My 3 month old infant was in that car! He left me carless with two small children, and hurting severely in my back and neck, so I could very well put a lawsuit on them, but I"m just not that way. It was an accident. The least they could do is step up to the plate and take care of me, ya know? A multi billion dollar corporation can spare to buy me a new friggen car. This Rick Evans guy needs to just admit his fault and get it over with. *sighs*... ok, I'm done venting for now. It's just SO FRUSTRATING when you're already poor, and cannot afford a car payment. The only car you had was an 11 year old car with over 200K miles on it, but it was yours, paid for, and then some jerk off rams into you head on and takes that away, when he walks away out nothing.


Anonymous said...

Well, for someone who professes to love your children (plural) the only love that is seen in your pictures or blog is the baby. (singular)
That is mainly your chat too.. so what has happened to the other child that you have to be a "mean mommy" to? Did you ever stop to think about how it may affect his day at school when you "make him cry 3 times before school"?
You profess to love you "boys" but the only love we see is to your "precious" 9 month old.
What happened to baptism? Dedication? JRay? should be old enough to know and love GOD and his son JESUS. Not be dedicated instead of Baptized.
I feel sorry for people like you and I feel sorry for your children. The world should be thankful that you did not have 10 children. Thank You for sharing the fact that you had a tubal with the entire internet world. We are thankful! One more thing, about the car wreck, and the poor man that you pasted his name all over your blog... Sir, forgive her, for she knows no better. This woman does not appear to accept any blame for anything. And in my heart, I know that she is not accepting her share of the true of the matter.

Brooke McIntire said...

Thank you for your input :) It is greatly appreciated. I will keep you in my prayers, and hope that the Lord truly blesses you in all that you do. JRay is very dear to my heart and he knows this :) He doesn't like to be in front of the camera, but prefers to be behind it, much like his mommy. And I believe the man who hit me's name is in one place on my blog, not all over it as you so kindly put it :) And you know what, you're right. It was wrong of me to put that here. I did that way back before my walk with Christ was anywhere near what it should be. I just love how true, honest Christians show gentle Godly love, instead of judgemental demeaning Love, the Agape love of Christ, don't you? :)

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