Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love these boys :)

These two are always doing sweet, crazy, silly, hilarious things to melt my heart :) If you want to be entertained for life, have boys. So much fun. Really.

First up, we have Mr. JRay. Hah, there's not a lot else necessary to be added to that! I mean, come on, he's JRAY people. This has got to be the funniest kid I have ever known. You honestly NEVER know what to expect from him.

So, this is how mornings look around here. (You think this is funny, you should see his Momma in the mornings!)

Mornings DOn't work around here too well

Then there's the moment you look at him, and he's got the 'stache going on. And all you can do is grab the camera :)

Milk Moustache

And, of course he must do it better... wouldn't be JRay without that competitive edge!

Overboard milk mustache

Next up, we have his younger counterpart, Nate. I can see so many personality similiarities is SCARES ME. I'm terrified to think of the things these two will cook up together! Nate is already so infatuated with Bubby, and vice versa! In these pics, we had put some boxes down to block Nate from getting to Bubby's ever so dangerous room (the baby gate got broken by yours truly trying to set it up), and this is how he responded. He never made it over, but he sure tried for well over an hour! Relentless like Bubby, too. No one else in this family is relentless, so he MUST get it from Bubby, right? (straightens halo)

So he decided to try to climb the boxes for a while, almost got over a few times, and a few times gave me this "look" when I asked him what he was doing (notice the socks in the floor, not on his feet? and ignore all the crumbs in the floor, I'm too busy raising my kids to worry about the petty things like a spotless house. Cheerios are loved here too)...


And of course, after he admitted defeat (or decided to take a rest, but we'll pretend for my sanity that I won this battle and he admitted defeat) He just HAD to find something else to do...

His favorite pastime..

What can I get in to?

So now I hear the "coughs" coming from the nursery and must go rescue the poor pitiful sick baby *winks* Ah this age is so fun :) Both ages! (minus the attitude developing in the 7 year old, but he's still my lovey little boy!)

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Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

I hear ya Brooke....try adding one more. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a 6 almost 7yr old with a bit of an ornary streak in him.

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