Saturday, May 10, 2008

16 Days...

Until my baby is officially a toddler. WOW. Where has a whole year gone? Seems honestly like it was just last night I was running around Huntsville at Liz's graduation with NO IDEA that my lil man would decide to make his grand appearance the next day. It's such a bittersweet day. To celebrate the day that our precious babe was given to us by God, but then so sad to realize just how quickly they grow up. Just 18 days after that, my first baby... my very first baby, the one that made me a Mommy, will be 8. How bittersweet is that? He's such a precious little man. So perfect in every way :) I do love him soooo much, and every day finds me more proud of him than the day before for the young man he is becoming.

Not sure if I posted an update on Nate's eye appointment or not. He went in April, and Dr Hein said that everything is normal :) So Praise God for that! No eye surgeries with this one! He is turning into a lil chatterbox now. LOVES to carry on conversations with anyone (or anything) who will listen. He's VERY entertaining these days!

JRay isn't doing too well. He has apparently broken his foot. His dad just took him to the ER, and told him he has a hairline fracture, and possibly something about a torn tendon or ligament. He's been told to stay off it, is in a temp cast and crutches until Monday. So please say a prayer for him. We are all so ready for school to be out. It has not been a very pleasant year for any of us. We've not had the greatest of teachers this year, and it's really had an impact on his grades. 12 more days and we'll be done with 2nd grade! JRay has made a new friend, which THRILLS us. He's never been one to make friends. He'd have tons of acquaintances, but no real friends. He's stayed the night with his friend, and his friend has stayed with him. My little boy is becoming a little man. *sighs*

PJ has an interview on Tuesday with Cargill! PLEASE keep us in your prayers! He also has a couple of other irons in the fire we're waiting ot hear back on. We know that when God is ready, a new door will open, and we're greatly anticipating that moment ! We can't complain, though. Things are tough, but we always have enough :) And at times more than enough that we're able to give to others who need it. He always provides, and He always will :)

I am looking forward to spending Mother's Day with all 3 of my boys, and family and friends at church. I hope everyone else enjoys their day, and I'd like to wish all the Moms out there a VERY BLESSED Mother's Day :) We're already blessed to be a Mom :) No other gift can compare to that!

Anyway, here's a slideshow of our "trial run" with the smash cake :) (Ok, so it was just for the pictures, but it gave me practice making the cake, and Nate had lots of fun destroying it! We're in for quite a show on the 26th!) So enjoy!

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