Friday, June 20, 2008

Gallbladder schmallbladder

So, I'm home after a long 3 days in the hospital. Tuesday I went out and ran some errands with Dad, and he treated Nate and I to breakfast for lunch at Cracker Barrel. I had a yummy country friend steak and eggs. Came home, started hurting in my right side (I've had these flare ups before, going back as far as October). I put Nate down for a nap, and took one myself. Woke up, thought I was feeling better, then after I got to moving around I got really nauseous and started vomiting. I was in AGONY. So, the decision was made that PJ would take me to the ER when he got home from work. I think we finally got there around 6 pm. They were backed up, so I was going to be waiting a while. Lucky for me (insert sarcastic tone here) my sugar started bottoming out while in the waiting room. So, they moved me back into a bed in the hall and got an IV going and pushed some D50 and did the labwork. Came back with some enzymes high and my white count was over 11000. They decide it's most likely my gallbladder, and since I was so sick they go ahead and admit me to keep me on fluids. So, wed morning, they come take me to ultrasound. I get back, get stuck 5 gazillion times because my line had infiltrated. I was in TEARS by the end of it. I have been a diabetic for 17 years, so needles just don't bother me. So for me to be in tears over getting an IV placed, you better believe I"ve had enough. They finally ge a yucky puny one in, and surgery to remove my gallbladder is scheduled for 4:30. I was told that they may also need to run a scope downt he next day to check for gallstones in my ducts. Yipeee, more tests. Anyway, the line they got in wasn't good enough for the operation, so they had to redo it once I got downstairs. I got stuck another 2 times to get that one, but at least he numbed it first. I go to the OR, am being prepped, dose off into sleepy land, and wake up sitting up in the OR with vomit all over me and still coming out of me. YUM! They were SUPPOSED to push some Reglan and Pepcid in my line before surgery, but the nurses on the floor didn't, and they said it was too late once I got to the OR. So I find out after the fact that my gallbladder was so bad, it actually had gangrene in a good part of it, and he came out with a handful of gallstones. I stayed in the hospital overnight on antibiotics and came home this morning. Now I have all these staples in my stomach that I was told by the doc to come in and get out in a week, but his office tells me they can't get me in before July 1!!!! Not to mention he sent me home with a script for Vicodin, after I'd had him change me over to Mepergan yesterday ebcause I can't take those things. And his office tells me that he's already gone (and will be gone until next friday, which I already knew) and he won't change it, he only gives Vicodin for at home! Just my luck. No pain meds. Lucky for me I still have some Mepergan left over from my Csection.

So thanks for all the prayers, calls, emails, etc. Please continue to pray for me. I am REALLY sore and just drained, and this whole low fat diet thing, while good for me, is going to be a challenge to figure out!

Thank you Mom for staying with me Wed night and taking care of me. It meant SO much more than you'll ever know. Not having my Mommy there was so difficult, because she was ALWAYS there, but you really helped to fill that void, and I realize how much you really do love and care for me now! I LOVE YOU!

Thank you Aunt NiNi and Uncle Craig for watching Naynay so PJ could stay with me last night. I know it wasn't the best of "times" for ya'll, but you did it anyway, and I'm so very grateful! I love ya'll too!

Thank you Tracy for keeping JRay all week :) I know he's in good hands when he's in you. I'm grateful he has a stepmom who loves him so much! Love you too!

And for your disgusting enjoyment, a pic of my incisions. 4 incisions and a drain site. YUM! (stretch marks anyone?!)


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww... You poor thing!!!! (((((HUGS)))))) to you!!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Oh man Brooke I have been lost in my own world and had no idea this had happened. I'm glad you are on the road to recovery.

Bridget said...

Oh wow!!! Get better fast!

nicole said...

Brooke, I hope you are doing better by now.

Hugs from Texas to you.

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