Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Mask

So, I've really held back on sharing this. It's personal, and something I wrote just to put my feelings on paper. You know, therapy. I never intended to show it to anyone, even PJ. But I kinda NEEDED to share it, know what I mean? Then I decided I'd only share on my private local moms forum, where I have all my close, dear friends. But, I feel a pull, maybe the Lord, speaking to me to post it publically. I know I"m not the only person going through this, with these emotions. So maybe it will speak to someone, other than me.

My Mask

This mask that I wear
Leaves you unaware
Of the pain that I feel
This pain that's so real.

Day after day
It goes on close and tight
And it hides all I feel
Long into the night.

At a small moment in time
It comes off for a breath
Don't look at what's there
I don't want you to see.

The tears have formed canyons
In my once lively face.
How I long for the time
When all was in place.

So I put it back on
With its forced little smile
And pray I can fool you
For just a little while.

Brooke S. McIntire


Bonita said...

Wow Brooke! That is amazing! I love you and you are in my thoughts and my prayers!

Bonita said...

I so want to know how to make my pictures do like yours things up top!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Those words are amazing!!! I will continue to pray for you!

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