Thursday, December 25, 2008

What about Joseph?

I was sitting here finishing up playing Santa, listening to a CD I burned from MP3's, and one of the songs I included is "Joseph's Lullaby" from Mercy Me. And just listening to the beautiful words of that song (look it up, it's a definite must hear), it just got the gears turning.

What about Joseph? Everyone always speaks of the Virgin Mary. The woman God trusted to bear and raise His only son. What an honor He bestowed on her, right? Of course. But seriously, where is the respect for Joseph? He took on Jesus as his own. Risked persecution from curious minds. Mary was chosen to be Jesus' Mommy, but, Joseph CHOSE to be His Daddy. Think about that a moment. What a HUGE honor is that? You KNOW that this child, who is not your own, is the SON OF GOD. You are trusted with God to be His father figure until He is of age to begin His ministry. How about this analogy? You (a man) have a fiance. She got pregnant before you were married, by, say... the President of the United States. The president is assassinated, or whatever, and can't raise the child or be in his life. So, you are faced with the choice to adopt this child and raise him as your own. Would you do it? That is a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure. I mean, would you feel like you could POSSIBLY love this child and raise him as well as his real father could? Would you ever feel worthy enough to fill those shoes?

I think that not only the fact that God chose him, but that he chose to take on that responsibility, against all odds, speaks MOUNTAINS of Joseph's character. You have to realize, that even after he took Mary as his wife, hew as unable to consummate that marriage until after Jesus was born. We're talking 9-10 months, nearly a year, before he could truly and Biblically take Mary as his wife. Jesus HAD to be born of a virgin.

I'm glad that the Lord opened my eyes to this. I am in awe of the man that Joseph HAD to be to do what he did. No doubt he is reaping his reward now with his Heavenly family :)


Jcsln said...

Brooke, that is a really cool thought! God sure is showing you a lot lately! I am thinking about you today, Merry Christmas!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Joseph is very honored among my family.... Just a couple of months ago, I remember I was talking about this with a person that doesnt share my faith, and I was telling her to have in mind all the things that Joseph (as the dad's figure) teach Jesus to do. Changed his diaper, waking up in the middle of the night, right there when He was giving his first steps, first words, etc etc etc.

By the way, Merry Christmas!

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