Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My baby's growing up

Wow... so Nate is 9 months old today. It's so hard to believe that it's been NINE WHOLE MONTHS since my lil guy was growing in my womb. Where on earth has that time gone? Sometimes amidst all the joy of his precious little life, it is so sad and depressing to look at him and know the buck stops here. I really do regret getting a tubal, but know ultimately it was the best decision for us with my health and our financial situation. Still, those dreams of a large family with 10 kids running around... *sighs* it's just hard to admit that I have to hang up those dreams. But, as I just now got back from rocking my sweet little man to sleep, and I stared at that innocent face, and kiss those gorgeous cheeks, I remember those dear to me, both friends and family, who are struggling with being able to even have one child, and it's in that I realize how blessed I am that God found favor to give me two very wonderful little boys :) Now, onto those blessings...

So, he's 3/4 a year old now. Only 3 months to his first birthday. As much as I don't want him to get any older, I find myself planning that first birthday party in my head. He's such an awesome baby. I just love him so much. He brings out the best in all of us. Tooth #5 is just about to pop through. You can see it, it just hasn't broken the skin yet. He's crawling EVERYWHERE, usually where I don't want him to be of course. He HATES the playpen, hates for me to leave the room, and LOVES to pull my hair :) He's starting to try to pull up. He's eating everythign you put in front of him (unless it's green!).

I've started making my own baby food. Not fully yet, but little by little. I've made butternut squash, pears, applesauce and dutch apple, and sweet corn. He loves them all, of course. I just feel like they add so many preservatives and other things to the jarred baby food, he's just not getting the best he could. I mean, I dont' think the jar stuff is BAD for him, but after researching, I find a lot of the natural nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are lost in the preserving process. We are still cloth diapering and babywearing. We're actually doing alot more babywearing now than we were. Nate has gotten really clingy lately, and the separation anxiety is starting to kick in, so when I need to get things done around here I throw him on my back and have at it :) He loves being close to mommy! He loves playing with my hair and squealing and just being a happy little baby boy! He's drinking a lot less formula these days and eating a lot more food. He is pretty much only taking approx 3 bottles a day now.

JRay is doing well. We're having a few "issues" with school, but nothing I can't nip in the bud. He's hada couple of C's recently, so he's grounded this week, and is doing lots of boring math and language and handwriting worksheets after he finishes homework. He's lucky we have Revival this week, or he'd be doing a lot more worksheets! I'm having a hard time dealing with having to play the "mean mommy" role, but it's necessary. I'm sure it's just a phase he's going through. Anyone who's been through this age with boys, I'm open to suggestions! His attitude is starting to stink like a pond full of dead fish, and his carelessness is getting out of control. I had him in tears 3 times this morning before school. It is REALLY HARD for me to be so hard on him. Most of you know how much I love him and how sensitive he is and how hard it is for me to be hard on him! But, I do it because I know it's essential to him developing into that Godly young man that I know he will be. He's so loving and compassionate and just all around good. It almost seems to me that he's not TRYING to be this way. That he can't help it. But, I do know he can. He's currently being evaluated for TAG (gifted) so hopefully he'll get in. I think it would make a HUGE difference in his behavior at school, since i feel most of the issues are stemming from him just flat out being BORED. So ya'll just pray for us as we continue to tackle this little feat. Oh the joys of parenting!

Like I mentioned above, we're in Revival this week. Bro Carl Cureton is leading it, and all I can say is WOW. This man has some seriously Divine information coming down. We have really enjoyed the last two nights, and look foward to the next three! The Spirit of God is really moving in our midst.

Oh, and before I forget, we will be dedicating Nate and JRay both next week at church. Service starts at 10:30, and we'd love for any of you to come share in this with us :) It's very special for us! I was never able to officially dedicate JRay when he was a baby because of mine and his dad's spiritual situation at the time, so I feel that it's only right that I do this with him alongside his brother. We will also be joining the church at the same time. We realized after leaving FIMC to venture into a world of Baptist vs Methodist vs Bible and whatnot, that we were just happy at FIMC. I could care less about this denomination thing. I care about what the Bible says, and as long as the church preaches the Bible, and preaches to LIVE by the Bible, I'm good :) So we've been going back to FIMC for the last few months, and have been so happy there :) They are such a loving church family! And well, you can't not sit under Bro Hal's messages and NOT miss them! That man is so full of the Lord! We've been getting pretty tickled at him this week :) It's always a joy to be able to watch him sit back and enjoy hearing the Word :)

ok, this has been long, SORRY! just trying to catch everyone up! I had planned on taking Nate's 9 month pics today, but it's overcast today so the lighting stinks. We'll see :)

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