Saturday, February 23, 2008

And now some more bragging pics...

Since I've neglected the blog department, I'm catching up! So deal with it :) Here are Nate (and JRay's) Valentine/8 month pics :) I had a BLAST taking these, and am LOVING my new camera, the Canon 40D. It's a big camera, and easy to shake, so it's taking some adjusting to keep a steady hand :)

Both of my precious boys being silly yet sweet!
My Goofy Boys

Nate and those sweet innocent melt your heart baby blues :)
Adorable Face

And the perfect picture made better with all sorts of slobber sweetness!!

Slobbery Sweetness

And just being his sweet little self

Beautiful Eyes

And lastly (but of course you know there are tons more pics) my lil flirtacious thing sticking that tongue out and smiling! Melts my heart when he does that!


The rest of the pics can be found here at my photo site

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