Saturday, March 15, 2008

Long Day...

So it's been quite a day :) FIrst I woke up to a rude comment, in which I prayed over my response, and hope that I answered it in the way God wanted me to. I feel confident that I did. Then, of course, it was just one of those days, where I couldn't seem to get it together and get anywhere on time. I was running late all morning and afternoon. Then PJ got home, and put off getting ready for his prayer retreat until the last minute (which he ALWAYS does) which had me frustrated with him, and being ugly to him instead of loving and supportive. I HATE being late, and he is always making us late (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?). After making 2 trips to drop him off at the church (he forgot his sleeping bag and pillow, so we had to come back!) I came home and me and the boys hung out a mom's for a bit. Nate was cracking us up chasing Bubby around on the floor. JRay would take off crawling and Nate would get to going after him so fast he'd trip over his hands! We watched him go up the hump into mom's kitchen, then to come back down it, he would lay his head down on the lower floor and basically ROLL head first off it. It was hilarious. JRay decided to spend the night with Nana, and me and Nate came home. I sat here on the computer for a while, and at 9:50pm I got a call from PJ. I was excited to be hearing from him thinking I wouldn't because I figured he didn't have a signal where they are. Well, the first words I hear following "hey" were "Are you sitting down?". My heart sank to my stomach. I said, "Yeah.... why?????". He told me Dad was in the hospital, and of course I just screamed WHAT? WHY? WHAT HAPPENED? thinking he'd had a heart attack or something. I couldn't believe mom hadn't called and told me already! Well, that was because mom didn't know. So I didn't want her finding out on the phone via PJ, especially since it had been a couple of hours since he went to the hospital! I grabbed Nate out of bed and headed over there to tell her. Apparently he'd been sick all afternoon with diarrhea. Then he laid down sometime before or after dinner not feeling well. Some time along the line, not sure of in which order, he started vomiting profusely, and passed out and had a seizure. They called an ambulance, and PJ and another brother in Christ followed the ambulance in the church van. We spent a little while not sure what was going on, but suspecting dehydration. So I just talked to mom and they were releasing him from the hospital after giving him fluids, which perked him up quite a bit. According to the brother bringing him home (PJ went back to the retreat) he looked TONS better just from the time he'd left the hospital to take PJ back to camp, and got back to get Dad. So he should be home in a couple of hours. I made JRay come home since I didn't want him over there to catch it! I hope PJ doesn't get it! I'm sure at least one of the men on that church van will come down with it! The nurses said at the hospital that there have been alot of different stomach bugs this season, but that one has been one of the worst ones they've ever seen. They said it hits you out of nowhere, and hits hard and fast. So, please keep my Daddy in your prayers, as well as PJ and all the other men at that retreat that have been confined in small spaces with daddy since this afternoon! Just please ask God to put a bubble around them and keep them from all getting it! And pray that mom doesn't get it! With her heart I'm sure a virus like that would do a number on her. Mine and her diabetes makes us very prone to getting sick QUICK and BAD. We usually end up in the hospital severely dehydrated with ketoacidosis. I am just sooooooooooo happy that Daddy is ok. That was so scarey. I don't want to lose my Daddy! I love him too much to let go of him!

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