Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rare Form

So Nate was in rare form tonight. Got a few cute pics of him and Daddy being goofballs. He was just in an unusually great goofy mood. It was too cute :)

I'm starting to fear I'm getting that stomach bug. I feel extremely ill tonight. Hope it's just the hot dogs I ate for dinner. I do NOT want to be sick right now. UGH!

I'm REALLY enjoying have JRay home this week for Spring Break. He's been so much fun, and he and Nate are having a BLAST together. He's loving having his Bubby home all day :) JRay's missing out on having the girls over (his cousins) at Nana's to play with since Nana's had the stomach bug, but he's not really acting like he cares since he and Nate have been having so much fun. I love that my boys love each other so much (insert hearts here). I hope it sticks :)

Here are the pics I took :) Notice those deep sweet dimples! I honestly have no idea where those came from, but I LOVE them :)


Monica said...

I think the dimples are a Stover thing. Craig has them, & they really show up when he's happy, or when's he's extremely guilty of something.

Brooke McIntire said...

Yeah, Craig is the ONLY one I know that has them. I have to wonder where HE gets them from, I just don't remember seeing them in Stovers or Evans, but I guess I could've missed them, since most of the grandparents with the exception of the evil one have been dead several years.

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