Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goodbye CSS

I haven't been posting this publically, because I didn't want it to get into the wrong eyes yet, but I"m beyond caring at this point. I must "gloat".

GOODBYE CSS ( Computer Support Systems )! PJ is now working for S3 Integrations. He started yesterday. PJ was sent home from work at CSS on Tuesday with no work, and S3I called later that morning, by lunch we were hired and he was scheduled to start the next day. He started out making approx $3 more an hour more. As soon as they finish the job they are on now, and start a big new contract, he will be officially hired on full time and will be making approximately $8-10 more an hour :) AND he'll have a company van, so that I won't have to drag the kids out at the crack of dawn anymore to take him to work since we only have one vehicle. Now, PJ worked alongside S3I several months ago while working a job for CSS. They loved the work he did, and even trained him to do their work some back then in preparation, so he was doing his job and helping them do theirs.

So, we had been keeping it quiet because PJ hasn't "quit" CSS yet, since we won't have insurance until he gets hired on full time. But today, PJ found out that he has been suspended since Tuesday! Someone ratted on him for driving the work van home Monday night, and after he left work Tuesday morning, the owner told his coordinator to suspend him. And he found out TODAY! He thought they just didn't have any work for him to come in, which was working for us LOL. Well, I find this whole thing rather amusing. Something so petty with the work he has done for them since October of 2006 for practically no pay, overpriced health insurance that eats up half the paycheck, and crummy treatment. I mean, I think at last count (I quit counting months ago) CSS had shorted us approximately $600 in wages. Yep, you heard me right. But there was never a paper trail to do anything about it. It always ended up as PJ's fault, when in reality it was management's fault. His first coordinator did NOTHING. I mean it. He came in (sometimes), sat at his desk, and did nothing all day, while people in his crew should've been supervisors, but instead were dumped on and paid and treated as poorly as PJ, did everything for him. (I'm really enjoying airing CSS's dirty laundry now that I can, for all the stress they've put me under the last year and a half). So anyway, yeah, he's suspended yesterday, today, and tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Then, today, we have found out from in company "gossip" that it's likely CSS is going under. They have lost most of their out of town (insert big bank name here) contracts, and are likely losing their B'ham work that has kept them so busy. To whom? A company they've already lost employees to, that was struggling, and an underdog company who's been around a few years, but had only little jobs.

So, there's always that chance that S3I isn't what we expected, since CSS was made out to be so wonderful at first, but it honestly can't get any worse!

Guess what CSS? What goes around comes around. It's your turn :) CIAO!


The Riley Chronicles said...

Congrats P.J.

Brooke, I pray this change is a smooth, wonderful transition for you guys :)

Bonita said...

Praise the LORD! He really works just in the nick of time.. We love you all very much! I pray that this is a smooth transition for all of you! Congrats too!

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