Tuesday, October 14, 2008

S3 Who?

So, these morons at PJ's supposed great job are at it again. S3 Integrations coerced him away from CSS back in May/June with promises of a brighter future. To hire on within a month with full benefits and a personal work van, higher pay, more respect. Hah, one empty promise after another.

We are STILL not hired on. Yep, like 4 months into this gig, they keep making excuses to push the hiring back. I have lost count of how many times they have forgotten to pay us. Yep, they just don't send the check. Or this time their excuse is they didn't receive the time from PJ's supervisor. Well, he CC'd PJ the email when he sent it last week. They STILL owe us gas reimbursement from 2 months ago when PJ had to drive our rickety van to B'ham to work. This check they forgot to pay us only has 2 days worth of work out of 2 weeks.

Seriously, they are currently doing a job for the SSA office in B'ham, and supposedly have a contract for US Steele in B'ham. Tell me, how confident would you feel having S3 Integrations install your security systems if you knew they couldn't even get it together enough to pay their employees? Or heck, work their employees enough hours to allow them to take care of their families. I know I wouldn't. How can a company who FORGETS TO PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES MULTIPLE TIMES do a good job of installing and maintaining high level security systems? Think about it.

Don't hire S3 Integrations to do your work. You're better off doing it yourself. I"m afraid to think where the millions of dollars they get paid for these jobs goes, since they obviously don't use it to pay their employees.

And before you say it- yes, has has 50 gazillion apps and resumes out. Only one is calling, and we seem to keep playing phone tag with them. It takes them 3-4 days just to return his call, and we return theirs almost immediately.

The economy STINKS people.

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