Friday, February 29, 2008

New Pics :)

So, back to your regular programming :) Took Nate's 9 month pics yesterday. It was an interesting day. As I was standing there at the edge of the bed blocking (or so I thought) him from going over the edge, I turned my head literally two seconds to pic up a prop, and around me and OVER the bed he crawled, head first into the floor. So after a half hour of calming him down and checking himt o make sure he was ok, we were ok to finish taking the pics. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday... Nate is FULLY mobile. We bought baby gates last night! Now he's safe from the kitchen! I bought one for the hall/bedroom door too, and JRay found it rather fun to repeatedly go over it. It was hilarious. The things that entertain that boy baffle me!

You can view the rest of them at my photosite, the link is to your right.

Ok, here are a few of them...
9 Months Old

Those tears were just too cute not to capture :) look at that bottom lip!
Poor Baby :(

This one didn't focus since he was moving, but it was just tooooo sweet not to keep and share :) Looks like he's praying!
"Bless Mommy, and Daddy..."

I love that "awestruck" look on his face!
Dedication pic

And, of course, that sweet little look he gives when he's being so sweet!
So handsome :)


Your Pal Pam said...

LOVE....LOVE....LOVE...the new pics girlie....your they look so professional...Nate is a real handsome fellow...just a cutie bug...know wonder you are wrapped around his lil fingers :)

Bonita said...

I LOVE this lil man! He melts my heart!

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