Saturday, June 7, 2008

For Momma


You lived your life
Inside a shell
So afraid to chance
But never afraid to help

So many times
You held tight to the wall
Not afraid to climb
But yet afraid to fall

So many people
Waiting in line
So many lives touched
In your short lived life

You spent your life
Never afraid to love
You gave more than all
With your gift from Above

That gift, of pure Love
And of unending compassion
So weak in your own eyes
But to so many a blessing

How many times have I heard
“Your Mom was amazing”
From strangers unknown
“She was so full of compassion”

Oh how my heart aches
To see you again
To talk on the phone
With my best of friends

Dance and sing, Momma!
Because now, you can
But go easy on Heaven
Don’t change it too much
I don’t think that’s God’s plan!

Those pearly white gates
Well, they’ll probably be purple!
But one day I’ll enter them
And spend eternity with you
And a few million pandas!

© Brooke Stover McIntire June 7, 2008
In Memory of “Momma” Shelia Diana Stover April 11, 1955-May 14, 2008

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