Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome back curls!

So, Nate's curls are coming back :) YAY! I'm so excited. He had the CURLIEST little locks when he was born. Then all the side hair fell out, and the top just turned into one big mohawk/curl. Now the ends are starting to curl, and I'm seeing some red in there now as well :) He REALLLLLY looks like Papa some days! He's SO full of life. Always playing. This kid lives to PLAY. Makes me think of the old Mike Warnke bit about his son. "Play, play play play, I MUST PLAY!!!!!" He loves to look at Daddy, giggle, and take off crawling while giggling hysterically, in hopes that Daddy will get down on all fours and chase him! He is doing it to Papa now, too. It's precious.

Uncle Craig got to babysit today for the first time. I had an appointment at the Spine Center in Huntsville, and because of some recent sugar issues, I was afraid to drive myself that far, so I had Dad take me. Uncle Craig told PJ when he got home that he was the easiest baby he'd ever seen. Said he just played in the floor while he sat there. What Uncle Craig doesn't notice is that I have the living room completely baby proofed LOL. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not typically the kind of parent to "put stuff up". But with this one, it's either take away the temptation, or spend EVERY second of the day saying "NO" and smacking hands. I prefer to be able to turn my head for 2 seconds, thanks :) But yeah, he is a good baby for the most part. Except when he's sleepy (which he USUALLY fights), then he becomes Satan's spawn! I'll have to let Uncle Craig watch him on one of those days! Love you Craig!

SO yeah, I went to the spine doctor today. Didn't really find out much yet, since we need to do an MRI. But, he made remarks along the lines of (insert long dx name here that I can't remember), probably some damage to something (didn't catch that part either). Made comments about having a small child, and asking if I had family around to help, which gives me the idea he's thinking surgery is a possibility. He thinks my neck pain is arthritis, and said that we need to take care of the back first, then we'll start exercises/therapy to help with that. I was pretty sure of that one already, anyway. Mom had bad arthritis in her neck, and when I described my pain to her, she said it was the same as hers. So I'm just waiting on them to get approval from BCBS AL for my MRI and set it up for me. Then I'll go back and find out more. I go to my new GP for a follow up from all my lab work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to that. I know my A1C isn't going to be where it should. But, I'm determined to change that. Losing Mom really has opened my eyes to the importance of all this. I don't want my kids being in their 20's and not having a mom anymore. At the rate I'm going, I won't make it as long as Mom did. Time to make changes. So anyway, just keep me in your prayers, and I"ll update as I can.

Here are a few cute pics of the boys :) Enjoy!





EthansMommy said...

Brooke, I will keep you in my prayers! I still can't believe Nate's hair when I look at it. It is so cute. We are going to let Ethan's grow long in the back so we can do the Donald Trump comb-over on top where he is bald.

Bonita said...

Ok so I just love that little boy! Happens to be one of the most beautiful babies (beside my own I might add LOL!) that I know! Love you girl!

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