Friday, April 24, 2009

My Minute of Fame

A few months back, Consumer Reports did a nasty nasty bit on how dangerous babywearing is, because in the last 10 years there have been 22 serious injuries associated with babywearing. A whole 22 in 10 years! WOW! (note sarcasm here) All of which were most likely caused by either parents being negligent in learning how to properly care for their carrier, or caregivers tripping and falling while wearing their baby, which would have been WORSE had the parent simply been holding the baby at the time of the fall, because then they would have gone flying. Anyway, I inserted my 2 cents in a comment on the blog that this was posted on. Imagine my amazement tonight when I get a message from a friend telling me that I'm in the Chicago Tribune! Me, down here in the deep south (AL) being in the Chicago Tribune. What happened was one of the blogs put out by the Tribune quoted me on my comments on the other said blog. Check it out here

So, I had my minute of fame. Even though I have not been babywearing for a couple of months now because of my sever back pain. I did however buy some fabric today to make myself a new carrier, because I do miss having my little monkey on my back when we're out and about, instead of down in the cart or stroller. So who knows, maybe my babywearing days aren't over after all :)

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CB said...

Wow I am slow..this is so so awesome! I am so proud to know someone that is SO famous, lol. I am proud to know you anyway! I'm glad you spoke your mind about that article....what nonsense! And AMEN about celebrities wearing their babies all wrong...I have seen some disturbing photos, I think they are more concerned with looking good.

I have also seen some disturbing baby wearers in real life. It drives me crazy but I never know if I should say something? Do you?

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